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Blonde Essentials...

" ...Your hair is like a lover. Ignore it and it will run off, shag your best friend, and be sewing alfalfa sprouts into your new leather couch before you've had time to give your house key back " - EVO

Let's talk blonde essentials .

We blondes spend a lot of money on our precious locks in salon. Regular 6 week colour appts, every 3 week toning, blow drying and styling that golden mane for the weekend event that we need to look better than everyone else for....etc.


There isn't any sense in handing over our hard earned money , only to be using whatever $5 supermarket crap we decide to pour onto our heads in the weeks in between.
Salon quality products are created for a good reason...if they weren't-we too would be stocking 5 dollar stuff in salon .

There are a myriad of products for every hair need you can  think of . Today ,we're just going to list a few must haves.



A Blonde Shampoo

Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel

Why you need it : helps to keep blonde hair BRIGHT.

A Hydrating Mask

Evo the great hydrator 

Why you need it : One of the best hydrating treatments we have ever found to take your hair from desert dry, to smooth and silky 

A once a week cleanser and exfoliator

Kevin Murphy Maxi wash

Why you need it : styling products build up on hair . Once a week we need to completely scrub them off so our blonde is bright and our treatments work properly .

A Leave In Conditioner :

Evo- Day of Grace

Why you need it : to help prevent knotty hair from breaking off , and give your locks a much needed moisture boost.

A Toning Treatment

Why you need it : our hair turns yellow. Turn to this product for the way to fix it. .
There a few we recommend , we will list them all here, and stay tuned for another blog post on the difference between each of these products, for your specific need .

  • Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel Rinse
  • Evo Fabuloso
  • Revlon Colour Ball


Evo Fabuloso platinum conditioner