Life is like your hair. It could be long.

It gets curly at times,

but it could be cut short at any moment. Viva la Blonde.


Blonding Services

  • Face Frame Only (20min) $195
  • 1/4 Head Foils (2hr 15min) $250
  • 1/2 Head Foils (2hr 45min) $325
  • 3/4 Scattered Foils (2hr 45min) $370
  • Full Head Foils (2hr 45min) $395
  • Big Change / Blonde Up (5hr 10min) $600
  • Bleach Scalp (6 weeks regrowth) (2hr 45min) $385
  • Bleach Scalp (6 weeks + regrowth) (2hr 45min) $550


  • Cut & Blowdry (45mins) $105 - $120
  • Blow Dry - After colour (45min) $70
  • Re-style cut & blow dry (BIG chop) (1hr 30min) $160
  • Blowdry/style (1hr) $95
  • Extensions Blow-dry & wave (1hr) $120
  • Hair up / event styling (1hr 15min) $180

Quick touch Ups

  • Toner (30mins) $150
  • Toner + Cut and Blow- dry (1hr 30min) $255
  • Toner + Blow-dry (1hr 15min) $235
  • Fringe cut (15mins) $20
  • Basin Balayage/quick end brighten (15mins) $40

Training Model Appt

  • 1/2 Head foils (2hr 45min) $162.50
  • Blonde to textured (TRAINING) (2hr 45min) $185
  • 1/4 head foils (3hr) $125

Signature VLB

  • Blonde up - A full transformational appointment. Includes Toner/Olaplex + Styling (5hr 15mins) $600
  • Blonde to Textured (2hr 45mins) $375

Non colour treatment

  • Metal Detox (10mins) $45
  • K18 Mask +Mist (10mins) $55
  • Toner lock (10mins) $30
  • Blonde Shine booster (10mins) $30
  • Lengths Renew (10mins) $30
  • Swimming Hair Rehab (10mins) $50
  • Blonde brightener MALIBU C (10mins) $50

Hair Extensions

  • Weft extensions consultation (15mins)
  • Weft push up HALF (1hr 15mins) $235
  • Weft push up FULL (1hr 30mins) $295
  • Weft Removal (30mins) $50
  • Corner Fix (15mins)


Our Story

A cool space - where your colourist understands blonde colour and the way it makes you feel. A salon like none before, where you walk in with excitement & walk away with beautiful, healthy blonde hair, that you love.

Founder, Chantelle Castle, set out to create the blonde mecca.

Soaking up every bit of knowledge she could for over a decade while perfecting her craft before opening doors to viva la blonde in Perth in 2010.

The colour team, mentored and led by Chantelle, are trained in our specific Viva la Blonde colouring techniques . With no compromise on detail & pursuing only the finest formulas, the salon continually set the standard in blonde colour adjustment. They are a global source for blonde inspiration and education.

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Education Courses

Chantelle's signature style of a personable approach to education and training has been her educate hundreds of hairdressers in private workshops. She loves sharing her tips, tricks and efficient colour processes to create perfect blondes for your clients.

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