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How are ya.....?


I was going to start with hello, and thank you for stopping by but to be perfectly frank, I've hustled to get this site up and running... its 2 am and I am temporarily experiencing a lull in creativeness.


Oh, in case you were wondering this is Kastel, and whilst I leave the social media prowess to my wonderful fiance, the temptation to write our first blog post was to great.
So from the get go, it needs to be said, that I, have a love hate relationship with blogs. I think it's because blog rhymes with words like flog or log, I'm not entirely sure but in order for this to work I am going to push those vibes aside, and type what springs to mind.
Now things may get weird....
This post for instance, I feel is lurking more towards the weird end of the scale, but before it digs it's way into a rabbit hole of peculiar little meaningless nothings, levelheadedness usually prevails.... for me now, it's the realisation the time is now 10 am with a sense I was about to bust into a chapter of Alice In Wonderland.
I am OK with this though, as in, the weeks and months to follow there'll be plenty of jamming good reads. Some - on the hair tip all creative and stuff, some blonde, some not.There's also a good chance of getting lost on a picture trail of tropical island inspiration, channeling the holiday gods to forgive the jaded reenactments from the weekend that was.
Whatever it is, one thing is certain, a little bit of love is in all we do and we want to share that with everyone.
Peace - Kasty 
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