Warm and cool, gold vs. ash- what do you prefer? Part 1.

There are so so so so many tones of blondes out there. Today we are going to talk about warm or gold...

Tomorrow we will talk about cool..  (Or maybe something else, you will have to check back to see!)


First off, How amazing are these two ? 


Gold/warm/honey/whatever you love to call it .

Perfectly warm but never brassy, Blake Lively is a prime example when we refer to a gold tone.You can see the massive difference in tone above, with Blakes' warm colour on the left, compared to the icy colour on the right.Warm or gold  definetely does NOT mean yellow. Its a good idea to look at a few pics with your colourist to determine what kind of warmer tone you are after before you give her free reign to let loose on your mane! One of the reason being that lots of people have a different idea on what exactly gold looks like.


How to look after your new hue at home :

Use a blonde shampoo only when it begins to look more yellowy rather than nice, pretty gold.(generally once every third wash) BEWARE! you do NOT want to be using a super strong purple shampoo here. We recommend Kevin Murphy Blonde. Angel wash which will help to shift out brassiness and dulling of your colour without ashing it out.


Salon trips:

To keep your hair warm and glowy, book in for a tone refresher in between your regular  salon appointments.Warm hair should sparkle with tone and reflect the light.(You will get non stop comments about your perfect shiny mane, trust us !)


What skin tones does it look good on?

I am yet to meet someone who didn't look amazing with a warm tone. The main concern is making sure the colour is not too light or too dark for you.



If you usually opt for an ash colour or are scared to fully commit to the warm , you can temporarily try warmer tones on your blonde by using a toning conditioner at home such as Revlon color ball nutri color cream in 1003.It will only last 3 shampoos in your hair but is an easy, fun way to play with something different! Buy it here.




Check back again soon for Part 2 cool blondes... xxx






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