"WHY is my hair always so brassy ??"


There's nothing worse than yellow hair as a blonde. We get some pretty serious paranoia about it .We would rather not look like our little friend above.


Basically, brassiness is a chemical reaction


Elements that either lead to build up in the hair, or elements that strip colour from the hair. Here are a few that ruin your colour :

  • shampoos with sulfates
  • ocean water
  • sun exposure

What they do is lift the underlying pigment from your hair and cause yellow to happen.


Things that lead to buildup also join in to create brass :

  • shampoo or conditioner or styling products with silicone or parabens 
  • mineral deposits from your  shower or swimming pool 

(By now you're probably thinking omg...what do i need to do, wrap myself or my head in cotton wool 24/7?!)


Our top tips are:

  • Use sulphate and paraben free products , Kevin Murphy and Evo are all sulphate and paraben free, which is why we use and reccomend them at viva la blonde. 
  • use a detox once a week to remove build up from chlorine, sea water , etc 
  • always  rinse your hair straight after swimming in the pool
  • try to wear a hat when spending long periods of time in the sun
  • use a toning treatment like Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Rinse or Evo Fabuloso Platinum to really kill off every trace of yellow




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