Benefits of a darker blonde


Lets talk ... Dark and light blondes. We tend to get bored of our colour , and a lot of us do toy with idea of going a darker blonde , but sometimes  we don't end up going through with it with the fear about how it will look!


To be honest, it can be a bit or a shock when you do decide to take the plunge into a new hue.If your hair is already very light blonde, be prepared for it to take a few goes as when changing colours,it takes THREE colour sessions to completely establish a new colour/reflect in the hair.


This can be quite frustrating when we have it done, and it seems to wash away really fast.The best thing you can do when this happens is to book your next colour appt no longer than 4 weeks later , as you really want to build some tones into your hair again before it all fades away. 


Make sure you are using a salon shampoo with no sulphates, as supermarket shampoos will strip that babe'n new colour out and you will be washing your money down the drain. Ask us what we recommend :) 


It can take a few weeks of getting used to your new colour, but the really amazing bonuses of a darker hue are :

  • Less obvious regrowth. You will be able to stretch your foil appts out a bit longer as you will no longer have an obvious dark strip of regrowth.
  • Healthier hair . Less salon trips means less bleaching , to give your poor hair a break. GREAT for those of us wanting to grow a long mane.
  • Healthier LOOKING hair too. Darker blondes have more tone and texture which will make your hair appear more lively. It will also now look killer when you have it curled or waves as the colours will look awesome all wrapped up with each other 
  • More money in your pocket - less obvious roots = less foiling appts. We do still recommend having a toner applied in salon every few weeks or so to keep the colour LOOKING fresh and super shiny.
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