Different hair colour terms and their meanings

Different hair colour terms and their meanings

With so many terms we throw around either on our Instagram page , or during a consultation I thought it'd be a good idea to explain some of these words and what they mean exactly !


Below mentioned are the most common words we use to describe colour . If you think of any others you'd like explained ,drop us a line in the comments section . 



Baby lights : super tiny highlights that are weaved extremely finly , much thinner and finer than standard highlights . 


Under the part foiling that is done so you don't see any foil lines coming from the scalp.


Root shadow: When your highlights are toned down at the root( at the basin ) for a softer look and not so bright from the top of your head.

This can be either very subtle or a bit more noticeable . Perfect if you love to feel quite blonde but not " barbie " bright !


Balayage : This doesn't mean dark roots light ends ! Balayage means  to paint in highlights freehand with the brush , not using foils .

It  gives a really natural feel , and perfect if you hate the regrowth line that foils give you. 


Face framing : Highlights placed around your hairline . 

Lowlight -Used to break up a blocky blonde . This doesn't have to mean " brown " through your blonde !! Lowlights can be as soft or as visible As you like . Perfect for creating texture and depth in your colour .


Tonera semi permanent colour applied to create different tones - this doesn't always mean simply " purple " toners to cancel out yellow .

We can create absolutely anything , from soft pale golds , creamy , beiges , pearly , caramel, light ash , anything ! They only last in your hair a few weeks But you can also have a fabuloso pro colour conditioner mixed up to take home with you to maintain the colour specially created for you . 


Base break : When your hair is lightened half to 1 shade at the roots , usually between the foils once we have rinsed them out ,  or In between foiling appointments . It softens the line between your natural hair and the highlights .




















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