" I hate my natural colour. It's like this dull boring ashy blah "

We hear this a lot at viva ! There is something you can do about it that requires minimum time, fuss or damage( it may in fact make your hair healthier in the long run.



Sometimes we feel that our blonde just isn't quite right but never really figure out why. A lot of the time our nice bright creamy blonde highlights get "lost " with our natural colour as the backdrop seems to dull it down . 


How to fix it - it's called a base lift, it takes 10 mins and lifts your natural colour just one shade . So if you are a dark brown - you can become a lighter brown, if you are an ashy grey dark blonde Your hair will lighten up to a slightly more brighter colour.with NO orange tones, whatsoever. 


What is wont do is lift out artificial,colour, ONLY natural colour .


"When would I have it done ? "



There are a few options- 


Instead of having a full head of foils every 6 weeks, we can eliminate the appearance of dark regrowth in only 10 mins, less bleaching appts means less damage -which means healthier hair Eg. One appointment have your foils , then 6 weeks later a base lift then 5 weeks after more foils again.


 Or if you have an event coming up and aren't quite due to have your colour done but want to brighten and blend your foils in again , pop in just for a base lift and a blowdry , you will be in and out of the salon in an hour .


You can also add it to the day of your regular foiling appts, to have lighter roots and blonde foils on the same day for an all over lighter effect.

A base lift  at viva la blonde is $60. 


Hope you are having an amazing week ! Xx


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