How to look after platinum hair

The most high Maintenance colour, an all over bleach requires a lot of upkeep. 

Regrowth application appointments every 4 to  6 weeks are a MUST and when this rule isn't adhered to- that's when you get those yucky yellow bands we all hate !the bleach needs heat from the scalp to develop properly.

Depending how much warmth your natural colour throws, you may need to pop in for a toner every 3 weeks to keep your colour looking perfect and not too " raw" looking. Lighter natural colours may able to get away without this . 

Some rules for this colour ! 

  • Keep hair washing to an absolute minimum . We recommend once a week. It NEEDS the natural oils to moisturise it and keep it healthy, 
  • Keep heat styling to a minimum also, as much as you can . We suggest to ONLY use a cloud 9 straightener and keep it on a lower setting so you don't fry off those poor strands, they've been through enough ! Always use a heat protectant such as the Evo hot tool shaper.
  • You will need to use salon professional products including a hard core protein treatment  alternated with a moisture treatment. All over blonde colours need the protein more than any other colour but also need lots of moisture too to prevent from becoming brittle.
  • Never ever brush when wet, ONLY comb with a wide comb very very gently, 
  • Use a silk pillowcase to help prevent hair breakage and knotting
  • ask us to mix you an Evo Fabuloso pro toning conditioner for your unique shade of blonde and how often to use it. 

Platinum will be huge this season so make sure you maintain your new blonde perfectly to keep it looking fresh and amazing !  

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