How to grow long, healthy hair


These are a few of our best tips. Begin following them now and before you know it,your hair will be a amazing lush mane in no time. 



DON'T get it cut too often
If you are actively growing your hair, only trim it a half inch every three or four months or at the very first sign of damage- usually visible as frizzy ends or flyaways that kind of hang down further than the bulk of your hairs actual length.Those ratty hairs need to go!



DON'T wash your hair daily
Whenever you shampoo your hair, it strips away the sebum, which is the natural oil that your hair releases. It's actually odourless, but it's the bacterial breakdown that brings about the smell. To take better care of your hair, don't wash it every day. Removing the sebum will make your hair dry and frizzy and unmanageable ( which is why you feel the need to use the straightener to sort it out) Instead, you can begin to cut back by shampooing your hair every other day and eventually cut it down to once or twice a week.Try using a dry shampoo if you hair gets excessively oily . We love Evo water killer dry shampoo. $32.95


DO Eat healthy
There's more to healthy hair than simply using conditioners and various hair products. When trying to grow long and healthy hair, you also have to be conscious of what you eat. With a balanced, protein-rich diet, you can make your scalp and follicles healthier, both of which lead to hair that looks and feels better. Try adding healthy foods like eggs, spinach, salmon, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and poultry to your regimen.



DO take the supplement Silica. Its best taken in a liquid form, not capsule and works a charm for strengthening your strands. This can only be purchased from a chemist.


DO use a wide-toothed comb
Using a wide-toothed comb is an effective way to avoid breakage when you're detangling your hair. The wider spaces makes it easier to comb and reduces the risk of tearing your hair. Remember, however, not to pull hard when you comb, especially when your hair is wet.


DON'T use excessive heat on your hair
Using irons and wands other heating tools make your hair look amazing ,yes.
However, these tools also damage your hair and dry it up, no matter how much heat protectant you spray on.
Did you know that the protein in your hair ( the stuff that holds it together ) actually breaks down at 70 degrees of heat ? Most straighteners are 220 degrees, so you can begin to imagine why your hair just keeps snapping off.


DO be smart about the heat that you do use
Use a thermal ionic hairdryer as this cuts the drying time down so it doesn't scorch your hair as much as regular hairdryers. The brand PARLUX have amazing hairdryers, you can get your hands on one in salon. 
Invest in a Cloud Nine straightener ,where you have the option of turning the heat down.
In our personal experience, once a week heat styling is key to growing a long mane.


DON'T be a hair colour chameleon !

If you want to go from blonde to dark brown and back again consistently, you have to realise all that continuous bleaching through the ends isn't doing your hair any favours. Instead , mixing up the type of blonde you have is easy and requires little damage, rather than going from colour extremes like light blonde to dark brown. 

Peace, Love, and long hair

Chantelle xx

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