I want my hair to look BRIGHT but it always just feels dull.




Ah....the quest for that BRIGHT blonde colour.

There's a few reasons why you feel like your hair just doesn't look as bright as you want it.

Below is a few examples that are ruining that brightness for you :


Elements that lead to buildup in hair : shampoos with sulfates , too much blonde shampoo or conditioner.

These things buildup in your hair and dull your colour. Using your blonde shampoo or conditioner too much is a massive no no if you want your hair bright.
The reason being is this simple fact : ash colour absorbs the light, and non ash colours reflect the light. If your hair is constantly drabbed down by too much ash, it will never, ever look how you want it to . Ask your colourist how often they recommend you use toning conditioners.

Too much ash in your toner
If your colourist is adding just a little bit too much ash colour into your toner,your colour won't appear bright enough for you, due to the reason above that ash absorbs the light and doesn't reflect it.

Toner/colour buildup
If you have your hair toned too often or you are doing it yourself too often with the wrong product, this can also make the hair appear darker

Too many lowlights
You may like your hair to have a bit more texture, but if it has too many lowlights they are always taken through to the ends, this darkens your hair over time dramatically. Ask your colourist about different options to keep some texture happening while still keeping your ends fresh and light.

Mineral deposits from swimming pool and old shower/water pipes
Unfortunately some old houses have copper piping, which leaves mineral deposits behind in your hair which can dull it down and even sometimes cast a greenish tone to your colour. Ask us in salon which shampoo we recommend to help remove these deposits.

Not getting your hair coloured enough
We recommend visiting the salon every 6 weeks to ensure you maintain colour freshness. Old blonde foils always look faded and dull and need to be kept bright looking with regular appointments. You can't leave your hair unattended for 3 months and expect it too look fresh , clean and bright.

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