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You have probably all wondered, at one stage or another - what we are really meaning when we say "Your hair needs a treatment"
So what DOES that mean exactly ? And why do we need them ? Are you going to notice the difference ? Is it really expensive ? Is it actually doing anything different than a conditioner ?
There are so many different types of treatments out there. Yes, there are ones to incredibly moisturise and repair your hair , which it most definitely needs after a bleaching and toning session.
In salon Treatments are INCREDIBLY more concentrated and more absorbed by the hair than conditioner ,conditioner mainly sits on the outer layer of the hair, while intense repair treatments get right into those internal layers of the strand to really penetrate through.
There are also cosmetic based treatments , to get a specific result. Want a ridiculously shiny mane? We can do that for you. Want more volume? We can do that too.
All about our viva la blonde Treatment Menu:
Option One is all about shining on, girl !
Who said blondes can't be shiny ??
Evo Fabuloso Pro’s Temptress Shine Treatment seals the hair- maintains and preserves your fresh new hair colour( your toner will last longer, yay) – leaving even the most damaged and porous hair perfectly smooth and OUTRAGEOUSLY shiny.
The best way to describe it is as an almost temporary Brazillian blow dry. It totally smooths down your hair cuticles leaves your hair feeling super smooth and shiny for about two weeks.
The perfect accessory for a night out.
15 mins. underneath a heat dryer
Option two is Volume -  bouncy, thickened, lush hair.
How it works :
A fusion of Niacinamide and Caffeine, is proven to envelope each hair shaft to boost diameter ( which means each hair strand will appear thicker and with more bounce.)
1. Boost your existing hair diameter instantly.
2. Penetrate hair and make it manageable and full.
3. Thicken existing hair at the roots.
5 minutes at the basin.
Option Three is Prescriptive hair care.
SP Hair Alchemy Treatment
How Does It Work?
We mix the appropriate SP infusion treatment vial and Mask combination to create a treatment unique to your hair needs and wants.
 Particularly recommended after a lightening session, to replace protein and moisture lost while bleaching to keep your hair strong ,soft, shiny and healthy.
It's very simple - you tell us your tress distress, and we will prescribe a personalised treatment.
It is not just any old treatment,blondies . The experience focuses on highly concentrated infusions (Smoothen, Hydrate, Repair, Volumize), which can be combined with any of the SP Treatment Masks, to really target your hair troubles, and provide that extra level of care.
For example, if your hair is bleached , but is also dry and lacks shine we can use the repair infusion in conjunction with the Hydrate Mask.
Or Match the volume mask with the Smoothen infusion for instant big, silky hair -that way you’re addressing all of your hair concerns in one fell swoop!
The infusion is applied to your hair in a really relaxing ‘ritualistic’ way, being combed though and massaged in allowing you to truly c h i l l while we pamper your locks.Once applied, your hair is  wrapped in a hot towel , enabling the product to penetrate the hair shaft.
Takes just 5 minutes at the basin.
Last and definitely  not least- is the Blonde Seal &Care treatment- blonde shine booster
Protect your brand new colour with this essential post lightening treatment .

Seal and Care supports and conditions the hair after bleaching, It seals the hairs cuticle layer creating a smooth and even surface for intense and luminous light reflection. It hydrates, nourishes and protects the hair leaving hair soft and healthy looking, that’s jam-packed with health and gorgeous shine.

To perfectly restore hair and improve hair condition after bleaching.


5 minutes at the basin


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