Finding the right hair colour for your skin tone

You've been looking at blondes on insta , tumblr and dreaming of doing something different - but it is so important to find the right hair colour that compliments your skin tone, eye colour, and takes into account your natural hair tones .
You may love a warm , goldy Blake Lively style blonde but it may not be right for your skin .

Your colourist needs to be careful, a few shades too dark a blonde and your skin could look pasty, or a few shades too light and your colour might look blatantly unnatural and wig like .

Generally hair colour can be defined as either a warm shade that glows with sun-kissed hues or a cooler shade that has subtle , softer , ash colouring. Your best hair colour will depend on whether you have warm or cool skin tones and eye colors.

Warm Shades

Warm blonde shades work best on people with:

Golden brown or blue eyes, including hazel eyes flecked with gold
Skin colors with noticeable pink, peach, or gold undertones
Naturally red hair, strawberry blonde, or brunette hair with red or gold highlights
If you have warm tones, the best blonde colours for you are golden, sandy, or honey blondes.
But - If your skin undertones are very strong, (making it appear as if your skin is pink looking ) you should stay away from pinky/strawberry blonde / coppery shades that can make your skin appear constantly flushed. Similarly, if you have strong yellow or gold undertones in your skin, avoid too much gold in your hair or it will make your skin seem even more yellow.
You will need to be more of a neutral toned blonde (ask your colourist how)
Eg Jessica Alba with a too yellow blonde just doesn't look right , but she pulls off caramel, darker warm blonde.

Cool Shades

Cool hair colors work best on people with:

Dark brown eyes or hazel eyes flecked with white or silver
Natural brunettes with blue eyes .
Very pale skin with few undertones
Naturally dark hair colours or cool blonde natural hair.
The best cool hair colours for you are ash brown and ash blonde highlights, smoky ash toned blondes and even bright white shades. You can also easily wear more slightly out there colours such as violet or blue toned blondes . These will look amazing against your skin , and usually terrible against a warm skin tone .

Miranda is a natural brunette with blue eyes and looks amazing with a neutral , ash toned blonde .
She doesn't pull off warm blonde and it makes her eyes appear to not stand out.
Ash tones clash if you have any redness in your skin tone .
If you do have redness but cover it well with makeup , just remember you probably won't like it while you are bare faced ( it's a good idea to wear makeup to your appointment if you like to conceal redness most of the time )
There are so many amazing colours out there, it's all about the finding the one that's best for you :)
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