Gold Luxe

There is so much more to blonde colouring than just creamy white tones . Yep we love our creamy blonde too but there's so many other colours  out there to play with !

On the right skin tone , warm blondes can look A M A Z E and viva la blonde client Andrea has the perfect skin and eyes for this look.

Using golden hues as colour inspiration, we lowlighted with a gold and a warm blonde brown , and added a darker golden blonde for depth in the roots , creating a seamless, blended look.
Fine highlights were placed around the hairline to ensure her skin tone was brightened.
Afterward, we toned all over with a golden gloss .

Styled with Cloud nine wand waves and Evo love touch shine spray. (Which smells like watermelon lipgloss , yummm ! )
viva la blonde xx
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