"Will freshening up the blonde through my ends ruin my hair ?"

Sometimes- yes it can damage it.
BUT - not if you are looking  after it properly , before and afterwards. 

Reasons why it may cause damage

-You aren't using the right hair products
You NEED to be using a protein / moisture conditioning treatment on your hair regularly, otherwise you hair won't have the health to withstand bleaching.
 Using a salon professional shampoo conditioner and treatment at home is a MUST.

-If you curl or straighten your hair nearly every day ( trust us, we can tell! ) 9 times out of 10 you are going to experience hair breakage. ( heat styling breaks down protein in your hair,and that's the stuff that holds it together. Add bleach to weak hair and you have a ruined mess)

Do you have to have the ends bleached to achieve a certain colour ?

Nope, you most definitely do not NEED to have the ends bleached, if you feel you hair is just reflecting yellow, toner to cancel out this may be all that you need. In the below photo, we didn't lighten any ends, just applied a toner and a treatment.
A lot of the time -yes the ends of your hair are too dark and if you want them to be lighter, then you will need to have them lightened .

If you have just had your ends lightened, the best ways to look after it are :

-Have a treatment straight after your colour in salon . This will immediately replace protein and moisture lost to protect your hair and keep it feeling amazing,

- Begin using a protein treatment and a moisture product at home ( conditioner or treat )
Ask you colourist what they recommend .

-Keep heat styling to a mimimum. Seriously. If you want to have healthy , really light blonde hair you need to stop trashing it and be nice to it. Especially in the weeks after a colour, you've stressed your hair -now treat it nice for a little while.

- If you are particularly concerned about dryness , book in for a weekly or fortnightly salon treatment for a couple of months to ensure your locks stay pretty.

- Trim off the ends , just removing little split bits before they get any worse is the best thing to do after lightening your hair.

Your colourist knows and understands what hair can and cannot withstand any more bleaching, it's our job to ensure your hair stays in condition.
If we don't think your hair can withstand it, trust that we will let you know.
Stick with the same colourist and have a plan in place to get your hair to where you want it be.
It's not about how blonde you can be , it's about how healthy hair you have at the end of your colour session .
( Trust us, we want you to be as blonde as possible too if that's what you want - but that blonde will only look good if it's healthy )
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