A note on maintenance

"How often should I get a full head foils ? Do I need one every single time ? "

Sometimes its confusing- there's so many services to choose from - 1/2 heads, full heads, toners ,balayage , base break  - how to know what to book for, and when?

Full head and half head foils
We recommend booking for a full head the first time you come to see us, to completely change your blonde and get you to a shade you love.

From there if you are happy with your colour, we recommend having a half head the next time and also the  next 2 to 3 times to maintain your colour, then have a full head when you really feel it's getting a bit dark underneath .

Unless your hair is very dark and you like an all over blonde look - you do not need a full head every time. We recommend you not to, as giving your hair a bit of a rest from all over colouring gives it time to stay healthy.
Also, if you like to have natural looking texture, opt for half heads as you will get more natural colour happening underneath which will give your colour more depth.
Freehand balayage or foils underneath your part are other ways to never really have that obvious re growth stripe . 

You can also have a few foils on the hair line underneath while you are having your half head if you wear you hair up a lot.

A 1/4 head of foils is also an option and only takes us 15 minutes to pop your foils in.Full heads of foils take up to 5 hours in the salon, and if you are coming in every 6 weeks, that is a very long time to be sitting there ! There's a reason why full heads of foils are particularly expensive - they take hours and use a lot of product + olaplex. 

Base Break 
If you have something on to go to but you do not have time to spend hours in the salon (or you are waiting for your next pay to go through :) )and need your hair freshened up FAST , we recommend booking in for a base break,you will be in and out of the salon  in about 30 mins. This will lift your hair a shade to disguise you darker regrowth against the blonde.

Having amazing hair that looks constantly beautiful and well maintained does not need to cost you a lot every 6 weeks.
Ask your colourist what they recommend for you .
Chantelle xxx
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