Blonde maintenance - keeping that colour fresh !

Blonde maintenance

You've just had a fresh , amazing colour that you LOVE !
Until the regrowth sets in and takes over , there are ways to keep your locks looking lovely from the day you leave until your next 6 to 8 week colour appointment ( depending on your current colour )

1. An interim in salon toner.
Toners are semi permanent colour that we apply after your highlights to balance, remove yellow or add areas of depth in the root area etc .
If you have your hair coloured every 6 weeks , we strongly suggest you to pop in for a toner to maintain this colour right in the middle between your next appointment .
Toners and glosses include lots of smoothing and conditioning ingredients so they will also keep your hair shiny and smooth .

If you wash your hair lots , they fade out quickly . If your wash your hair less - you will get longer out of them.
Toning appointments only take half an hour so there's no excuse to have less than fresh hair.

2. Lots of celebs you see have their hair foiled every 4 weeks - even if it's just a 1/4 head to freshen. This means just having your part line and hair line highlighted .
Consider coming to see us more frequently , but having slightly less done if you like your locks super fresh !

3. Using salon quality products at home . Just like you cleanse , tone , exfoliate and use masks for your skin care regime -your locks need a regime too .

Must haves are :
- cleansing ( shampoo)
-conditioning (conditioner)
-treat ( hair mask / treatment/ toning conditioner )
- style ( leave in , texture spray , Etc )
- finish ( serums , shine spray )

Ask your colourist what they recommend to keep YOUR specific hair type and colour in check .

Happy Monday blondies , have an amazing week !

Love Chantelle xx

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