High lift blonde colour




"High lift tint "is a series in any colour line that is designed to lift to blonde from at least a light brown. It is NOT bleaching your  hair. You don't have to bleach and tone. It doesn't take a long time to achieve and maintaining it is not a long process. The draw back of using high lifts is that sometimes they can lift quite brassy / golden (and you may not like those tones )

But if you like a bright , fresh , all over blonde with absolutely all the natural hair gone - high lift could be the answer for you.

It's quicker and less expensive to maintain but you you will need to come back every 4 to 6 weeks .

Your regrowth will be more of a "strip" and less of a blended look, like with foils .
It is a colour that is painted directly onto your scalp , instead of foiling your hair .
We recommend having a few foils or freehand balayage scattered through the top and crown of your head every couple of appointments to brighten your hair .

This type of all over blonde really brightens up your complexion and looks best on girls with natural dark blonde hair.

It's especially great for the die hard blonde fan who wants to be as blonde as possible without bleaching her roots .

This is not for girls with naturally dark hair as a high lift tint won't lift your hair light enough .
Ask your colourist at viva la blonde for more info if you feel like this is your next summer colour you will be rocking ! Xx vlb 










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