Things you should avoid if your hair is stressed/damaged

Hair damage occurs for many reasons, and as anyone who has ever subjected themselves to many rounds of bleaching - followed by continuing to use your straightening iron knows.
The things we do to make our hair look nice in the short term are often ruining your hair in the long term .
Below are a few things to avoid if you are in the process of going lighter.
Heat Styling

Using your Hairdryer or irons daily or every second day is a big reason why your poor locks are damaged in the first place. A lot of the time we see clients  with amazingly healthy, very very bleached hair and their hair is in perfect condition - as they keep heat styling to an absolute minimum- if ever
Its possible to have healthy bleach blonde hair that grows, as long as you cut back on heat styling. Your hair , on top of already bleaching it - will become frazzled , frizzy, broken/snapped  and dry.
If your hair likes to dry fizzy when its naturally dried - in wet hair pop some Evo love perpetua shine drops 29.95  in to smooth the cuticle down, instead of torturing it with the irons. It has sealing properties that will make your split hairs look much more smoother and healthier.
Sulphates are harsh detergents that strip the natural oils from your scalp and hair and that also means the colour  you just spent money on in the salon is getting ruined and washed down the drain.
Sulphates are a BIG culprit when it comes to your  hair feeling dry.
All our products we sell and recommend in salon and online  are all sulphate free- perfect for blonde.
There is absolutely no need to wash your hair every day, or even every second day. Your hair needs natural oils from the scalp to keep it from drying out.
If your hair is greasy, we recommend making friends with dry shampoo like Evo water killer 32.95 . Spray lots in, wait 2 mins, then brush out.
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