Autumn + winter blonde inspiration


SO sad summer is gone! I really dislike winter but I love the season change, when you start buying new boots and jeans. Who else misses wearing jeans ?

End of a season and the beginning of a new one  it's always a bit more fun to change your hair, and we definitely notice that people want to start changing it up a bit this time of year. We have done an unusually large amount of chops and colour changes over the past few weeks.
And no - going dark for winter and blonder in the summer isn't the only change you can make.

You may not want  to do anything too crazy but there are a few  ways of changing it up. We are big at viva la blonde on " no commitment colour " We have chosen colour brands that fade out beautifully and won't stain your hair with anything permanent, so by the time you next see us you can do something totally different again the next time.

At the moment we are loving warm blondes, they look so luxe and look amazing when maintained properly . Popping into the salon every 3 weeks to have your hair toned/ glossed at the basin in a warm shade will keep your hair so shiny and amazing. You will only be in the salon for a half hour.




If you are platinum adding a slight"  gold violet"  hue is a nice way to do something  different if you are usually a "white" icy blonde.


We are also loving color touch instamatics - these are muted pastel tones ( slightly matte, no crazy clown brights ) and softly fade after a few washes.
You don't have to do anything too crazy, even " pink dream" left on for a few minutes  will turn your blonde into the prettiest rose gold.  

Ask your colourist what ideas they have for your hair  next time you are in . Colouring only blondes all day long we get to play with so many different techniques and colours -we are more than happy to suggest something fun for you !

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