How to help dry winter hair

How to help ultra dry hair due to winter days
Is your  hair incredibly dry this winter? Constant heating from your car heater, work heating, and home heating , coupled with very hot showers - dry winter air can wreak havoc on our poor locks , not to mention skin. (yes this includes a dry ,flaky scalp )
I have compiled a list of best ways to help get your hair back to feeling moisturized, hydrated and soft again.
If you are sick of having fluffy ,dry , snappy blonde locks, read on .
1.Change your diet. Hair health comes from the inside out first of all, so to help hydrate your body again you need to include some fatty acids back in. Salmon is full of these and really helps to keep dry flaky skin (like your scalp at bay, and will feed the new hairs growing back in. Try eating it a few times a week and you will notice a dramatic difference.
2.Wash your hair less. Shampoo is ultimately drying your hair out, so try to keep hair washing to 1 to 2 days per week.
3.Use a hydrating treatment once a week. The best one we have ever found is The Great Hydrator by Evo, 29.95 which includes added argan oil and glycerin ( which helps your hair HOLD onto that moisture ) Shampoo, towel dry, leave in 5 minutes then rinse. 
4.Sleep on a silk pillow case. Cotton pillow cases draw moisture OUT of your hair, resulting in super dry, coarse, tangled hair in the morning. Your locks glide over silk and you will notice a BIG difference using one of these, Including less hair breakage.
5.Ask us for a hydrating in salon treatment at viva la blonde next time you are in. We use Wella sp hydrate infusions $30,  which are stronger than any treatment you can buy from a store. These added hydration shots which we add to our hair masks help protect your hair from drying out.
Hair treated with an in salon Wella SP hydrate infusion treatment
Love, Chantelle xx
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