Hair extensions for thickness

Hair extensions for thickness

Hair extensions can be used for lots of different looks, they are definitely  not always all about having an ultra long, thick,  hard to manage mane. Lots of girls have a row for thickness to fill out the bottom wispiness of their locks. It makes your hair look amazing when wavy as you have that much more hair to play with. There's also nothing better than a thicker pony !



At viva la blonde we do tape extensions  , which are  the only hair extension type we use and recommend for blondes.They are super light weight and do not damage your hair follicles unlike some methods can .The tape is the TINIEST , thinnest least detectable available and you completely forget you are even wearing them .

Extensions do require a bit of upkeep. A few notes on what to expect !


  • You will need to have them moved up and maintained every 6 weeks. This takes about an hour to wash, blowdry and retape and have re applied. Pricing is $160 when you have your hair coloured on the same day.
  • Extensions can ONLY be washed with a specific shampoo and conditioner , using other shampoos will damage the hair and you wont get a long life from the extensions.
  • The hair will last anywhere between 3 and 6 months, depending on how often you heat style.
    You will need to take extra care while swimming etc as you do not want to end up with knots, you will need to wear your hair in a plait when swimming to avoid this.
  • Fast and easy application. A full head only takes 30 to 40 mins, and a half head about 10 to 20 minutes.

" Whats the process? "

If you are interested in having extensions, please email to book in a complimentary consult. We will match up hair colour for you, choose your length and you will need to sign a consult form. A 50% deposit will need to be made on the day if you choose to go ahead and make an appointment.




1/4 head ( 5 pieces) $250 ( Perfect for filling out wispy gaps around the front )


1/2 head (10 pieces) $400 ( Perfect for a couple of rows to add thickness and a little bit of length to already medium to long hair )


Full head (20 pieces )$700 ( Perfect for a complete length change to long , thick locks )


Re tape maintenance $160 ( Every 6 to 8 weeks )



This blonde babe has a half head of extensions at viva la blonde to thicken out the ends.


Some thicker hair inspo for you :)




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