Seeing as though we just cant . let. go.  of summer- we shot a little winter festival shoot for you guys to keep the dream alive.


With Groovin the moo + splendour, here are some of our fave  hair and makeup ideas that will still look decent even  after a weekend of trudging around a festival , getting rained on ( hopefully not )

Hats, scalp braids in a pony so it looks the same when it rains, lots of glitter.

Enjoy !

"Use a cream colour base close to your skin colour. Use your fingers and press where you would like the glitter to go. Blend the cream so that when you stick the glitter it fades away. Press the glitter on top of the cream. This will keep your glitter in place all day and night. For something more dramatic use eyelash glue to paint patterns then stick the glitter to that. "

Jesica Rodin MUA



Step 1 - create 2 scalp braids running to just below the crown of your haed . secure with elastics.

Step 2 - plait some random sections on either side of the head.

Step 3- Pull into a low pony tail, and take hair from underneath to hide the elastic, wrap this piece of hair around the elastic , secure with hairspray and a baby bobby pin.


DIRECTION // Chantelle

HAIR // Mia

MAKEUP // Jessica Rodin

STYLING // Jess Digney

PHOTOG // Artist Liasion

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