Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Daily

When it comes to the mysterious case of washing your hair, the jury has debated and we have the final verdict. Washing your hair every day could have more disadvantages than benefits. Sorry, but we’re not sorry, as we have the best interest in mind when it comes to keeping your hair healthy.
Here’s exactly why we recommend washing your hair a little less often.

Keeps Your Scalp Healthy
We won’t get too much into the science, but our skin has tiny glands that produce sebum. This keeps the skin moisturised and eventually creates a water resistant barrier on your scalp. Washing sebum away every day causes these glands to produce even more sebum, and overproduces to make up for what you lose by washing your hair every day. Sebum overload is bad, and definitely leads to a scalp that’s not healthy and moisturised.


Easier to Handle
Second day hair is easier to manage. You don’t have as many fly aways that prevent you from creating the top bun, fishtail braid or curls. Use the day old hair to experiment with hairstyles.


It’s  Eco-Friendly
Washing your hair less frequently can actually be eco-friendly, as you use less water, less shampoo and conditioner. It really does make a difference! Although we need to nourish our hair, we also need to take care of the world we live in.


Keeps Colour Fresh for Longer
Listen up blondes! No matter how much money invest in your shampoo, water is your biggest enemy when it comes to your hair colour. Sure, there are products that help you seal the cuticle and slow down the fading process, but washing your hair every day will result your colouring session to approach faster. Prolong the freshness and vibrancy of your colour by prolonging your washing.


Less Contact with Chemicals
Unless you’re using a shampoo that you made yourself, using only natural ingredients, shampoos and conditioners still contain a lot of chemicals which are not that good for your hair or your hair colour. Try washing your hair 2 or 3 times a week, and that will suffice.

Exposure to Natural Nutrients
Your scalp produces natural oil which is actually good for your hair. Make sure to comb your hair out to distribute these oils and feed your hair strands. It’s not the kind of nutrients you can get in a bottle, so as long as you’re producing itself, it’s free hair care!

Now that you know that hair washing doesn’t have to be an everyday task, feel free to include some more leisure time during your day. You’ll still have a beautiful mane, if not, even more beautiful!




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