Can you get your hair dyed when you are pregnant? | viva la blonde

Can you get your hair dyed when you are pregnant?

Our favourite blonde babe Candice Swanepoel has just released the news that she is pregnant again. Cue the cute pregnancy photos to come on her Instagram!

But what does this mean for her blonde locks?

Dying your hair whilst pregnant has been a questionable and common topic. There are many divided opinions on whether it is safe or not. Most research indicates that chemicals found in semi permanent and permanent hair dye are not considered highly toxic. Hair dye can be absorbed into the skin, however this is only a small amount.

Ultimately it is a personal preference as to how you maintain your blonde hair whilst pregnant.

There are however, alternative options for getting your hair done while you are pregnant. Check them out below!

Can you get your hair dyed when you are pregnant? | viva la blonde

Opt for highlights when you are pregnant

Highlights can be a great alternative as they are not placed directly on the scalp. You can also use highlights to work in with your natural colour, allowing for a little regrowth. This can be particularly helpful if you’re a little time poor during this time!

Consider going Bronde or a shade darker than your usual blonde

Bronde hair (brunette and blonde) was crazy popular in 2017. This is a great option if your natural hair colour is quite dark but you want to keep you sunkissed, lightened locks.

If you’re wondering what precautions to take when treating your hair when pregnant here are few tips.

- Waiting until your second trimester is something important to consider. 

- Make sure your hair is treated in an area that is well-ventilated. Both of our Viva La Blonde studios have high ceilings with wide doors that can be opened for fresh air.

- Make sure you let your hair dresser know your pregnant.

- Your hair texture can naturally change during the pregnancy. Your pregnancy may also cause your hair to react differently to hair dye.

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