Ashley Benson and Blake Lively sharing celebrity hair secrets

Celebrity Hair Stylist Secrets you need to know

Celebrity Hair Stylist Secrets you need to know

From red carpet hair to the extravagant glam squads, celebrities have access to some of the best insider celebrity hair tips. We’ve done some digging and found out the best celebrity hair stylist tips you can try at home for your next night out!

Celebrity Tip No. 1

For the best curls, spray your hair with hairspray before and after you curl. This gives your hair added shape-ability so that it holds to the curling iron. Spraying your hair with hair spray before you curl also helps to keep them neat. Remember to always protect your hair from hot tools!

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Evo hair spray product bottle against white background
Celebrity Tip No. 2

We’re pretty sure Blake Lively has one of the best manes in the game. Her hair stylist uses L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo to style Blake’s hair without saturating it. His tip, use the product sparingly. You can cause the hair to flatten at the roots if too much dry shampoo is applied. Who’d have thought!!

Blake Lively with textured blonde curls
Celebrity Tip No. 3

Does your mum have an old school set of rollers in her bathroom? Perfect! Kaley Cuoco’s hairstylist creates volume with hair rollers. He brushes her hair at the crown into a mohawk, and then rolls it into three rollers in a single line. The reason? “Rollers create height and a fluffier, softer texture in your hair that back combing cannot create."

Kaley Cuoco with short textured blonde hair
Celebrity Tip No. 4

We bet you moisturise your skin day and night, right? But do you moisturise your hair? Kiernan Shipka’s celebrity stylist has one golden rule for his balayge clients; always moisturise your hair with a leave in serum when you moisturise your skin. This helps to maintain your salon fresh colour and keep your hair healthy, hydrated and silk smooth.

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Kevin Murphy Young Again hair serum purple bottle
Celebrity Hair Tip No. 5 

Ashley Benson (the babe who is currently dating Cara Delevingne) always has the sleekest updos. That’s because her stylist has the best smoothing trick in the game. Once your hair is up, tame fly aways by spraying the hair with flexible hairspray, then roll the bottle over the hair to lock down the frizz!

We hope you’ve found some helpful celebrity hair tips that you can try yourself! If you’d like to book an appointment with one of our Perth Blonde Specialists, please call our North Fremantle or Perth City hair salon.

Ashley Benson with balayage style blonde hair
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