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Delaying your hair appointment can mean split ends!

The silly season can get busy. Between Christmas shopping and organising the event calendar, it can be difficult to meet your regular haircut appointment. However, did you know that even if you are growing your hair, delaying your appointment can mean split ends and an unhealthy mane overall.

Split ends will continue to split past the initial damage up until they hit a weakened part of your hair and then break. The worse your split ends get, the more hair breakage you may experience. This is particularly counteractive if you are trying to grow your hair! It’s important to listen to what your hair stylist recommends as the length between cuts will depend on your hair texture, styling habits and general lifestyle.

If you have too much on your plate this month and can’t make your regular cut, there are a few things you can do to cushion the breakage.

  1. Hair treatments like Olaplex

If you like to get your hair styled regularly or even a simple blow dry, you need to treat it just as much. The Olaplex at home treatment will help to keep your hair healthy when you're going longer between cuts. Even with a regular cut scheduled we recommend this gem of a product. Available to purchase at viva la blonde hair salon in Perth or North Fremantle.

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  1. Always use a heat protectant

If you like to curl your hair for a girl’s night out you need to use a hair protectant such as evo day of grace pre-style primer. Available online here. Remember less heat equals less damage so if you can’t make your appointment try to avoid styling your hair as much or turn down the temperature on your straightener/curler. 

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  1. Be beach savvy

If you’re like us, we won’t be able to keep you away from the beach. Unfortunately, it’s not the best for maintaining a healthy head of hair. Always rinse your hair through with cold water after the beach and apply a hair treatment such as the evo main attention protein treatment. A protein re-constructor to repair and strengthen your hair; encouraging healthy, shiny hair.

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Evo Mane Attention protein treatment product bottle

We are almost booked out until the end of 2019 at viva la blonde in Perth and North Fremantle. If you would like to book in with one of our blonde hair specialists before the festive season make sure you book online now!

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