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Hair Colour Rules

Hair Colour Rules

There is nothing more fulfilling then walking out of a Salon, actually loving your salon-fresh hair. However, even the best of us have experienced the tiresome tale of a hate-worthy, newly dyed do. To save the future tear, or fake post-dye smile to your colourist, viva la blonde has put together the ultimate 5 hair colour rules. 

We hope these help. 

Shampoo The Day Before Dying Hair 

Expert celebrity colourist and balayage guru Lorri Goddard insists to wash your hair at least 24-48 hours before colouring. This allows your hair to gain a natural oil protective layer on your scalp pre-colour. Further helping to create a protective barrier from the chemicals found in hair-dye. 

Arrive With Your Natural Hair 

Yes, as scary as it may feel to step out of the house looking o'natural, it is indeed a must when maximising your new hair colour. Whether you wake up with Hagrid looking curls or a head full of frizz, leaving your hair in its natural shape and curve is mandatory. This will help ensure the light and shade is not impacted and further reflect differently post-dye. Keeping your hair in it's most natural state pre-colouring will allow your hair specialist to maximise the look. 

Be Specific and Bring Inspiration 

As amazing as our hair-colourists are, they unfortunately cannot read minds. And regardless of how picky you may feel with relation to your hair, you can't go wrong with bringing a few aspirational hair images with you to your appointment. 

Try be clear with what you would like and your colourist will discuss how realistic this is for you and what best suits your beautiful features. At the end of the day, your hair colourists are the experts and want the absolute best for you.

Have Patience 

The excitement of new hair can at times become the better of us, leaving us feeling  a little impatient. However, to ensure your hair remains healthy and protected post-colour, it is important to remember when making the luxe transition from brunette to blonde for example, it can take a few sessions to lighten up your mane. 

Refer to an alternate viva la blonde blog on Brunette to Blonde Hair Transformations and check out some stunning hair transformations. 


Depending on what you have had done, your colour maintenance can vary. 
As an example, if you have undergone ombre or balayage you can leave your colour for a few months without the need of a touch up. However, if you make more of a drastic change such as going brunette to blonde, you may need to revisit the salon every few weeks. However, it is very subjective and depends on how you would like your colour to look. 

We recommend communicating with your colourists and asking them the relative upkeep your new colour might need in order to remain looking viva la blonde salon fresh.

If you don't have the time to revisit the salon however, the ladies at viva la blonde have the perfect maintenance tips. Whether it be washing your hair after a swim in the ocean or pool to avoid dehydrated looking hair, you can shop a few stand-out and useful products. 

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Shop the Olaplex Twin Pack No. 4 Shampoo + No. 5 Conditioner and maintain healthy, soft and nourished hair. Not only does the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner restore, repair and rehydrate hair, it also helps to pro-long colour and reduce damage and frizz. 

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