Hello In-Salon Treatments, Bye-Bye Bad Hair Days

We can’t stress enough the importance of hair care, and we’re not even talking about hair care for blondes yet! We’ve previously discussed home hair care hacks that all blondes need to implement into their regular routine, but now we’re taking it to the next level. We want you to grab your coffee or tea, get comfortable and hear us out. Before we get into the importance and all the lovely, heart-warming benefits of in-salon treatments, it’s important to say that we are not bias. In salon treatments are special and they do work wonders for your hair.

If you’ve ever caught yourself flipping through the magazine and commenting: ‘Well, I would look like that if I had all that money too’, we understand you. And we got you. You can look like your favourite celeb, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Fight the frizz, fight the dryness, take care of your colour, heal your scalp, make it shine bright and keep it healthy.


Scratch what you know about in-salon treatments, as they have evolved so much to the point you’re going to want to be in the salon as much as possible. And here’s why.


High-quality Products
In-salon products are different than what you can grab at your local supermarket. These products can be a bit pricier, but the ingredients are healthier for your hair. They are usually gentler on your scalp, colour and free from harsh chemicals that cause more damage than good.


Hair Analysis
What’s your hair type? If you don’t know, your hair stylist for sure knows. You can make wild guesses why your hair is going cray these days, but your hairdresser will know better. Don’t be afraid to tell him your hair story, as he/she will be able to determine the best in-salon treatment your hair needs.


Deep Transformation
We like to think of these treatments as life-saving, or at least beauty-saving treatments. They are designed to nourish and treat your hair from the roots till the ends, and go as deep with the hair strand or roots as possible. While over-the-counter products will leave your hair smooth and shiny at a particular moment, products that your hairstylist has access to, are especially created moisturize and eventually heal your hair and restore its healthy and shine.


Specialized Treatments for Specialized Conditions
Put an end to all hair problems, especially if you have a specific problem that you can’t control on your own, with supermarket products. Chances are, your hairdresser has the products you need to take control of your hair and treat it the way it should be treated. Every individual is different, and these differences actually indicate that what may work for one hair, may not work for the other. Which is why the salon environment is the perfect choice, as stylists are trained to know what you need.

You spoke, and the hair industry heard you. In salon treatments are no longer just a luxury advantage of the celebs. One salon trip and you might get that extra health boost your hair has been craving all along. 


All in salon KM treatments are $30.


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