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Help why is my Hair flat? Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin to the rescue!

Jen Atkin taking a selfie and giving hair styling tips for flat hair

Flat hair is not fun. Especially when you are at an event and find yourself desperately trying to get some last-minute volume in a crowded bathroom. Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin has shared in her online Glamour magazine column the reasons why your hair cloud be flat.

Given that she is trusted to tend to the tresses of the Kardashian’s, Jenner’s, Hadid’s and Chrissy Teigan, we’re all ears! 

Help why is my Hair flat? Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin to the rescue! | viva la blonde

What causes flat hair?

We’ve said it before in a past blog so we aren’t surprised that her number one cause of flat hair is product build up. It’s all about using the right products for your hair texture. Her rules are:

  1. Use a clarifying scalp shampoo at least once a week. Ask your viva la blonde stylist for the best clarifying shampoo for your hair texture.
  2. Use dry shampoo to detoxify and boost volume in your hair. Our favourite is the Evo Water Killer Shampoo which is available in the North Fremantle and Perth salons. It smells amazing and gives your hair volume all night long.
Your diet could be contributing to flat hair.

Jen Atkin believes that good hair care starts from within, and hair supplements are not just a FAD. Ask your GP or health care provider for the best hair supplements that are suitable to you, such as fish oil or hair skin and nails. 

Your haircut may be weighing you down.

In short, if you have long layers, you are less likely to have the voluminous hair you’ve dreamed of. Ask your hairstylist about adding shorter layers for volume and texture.

Finally, Jen ended her column with three hair hacks.
  1. Sleep with a silk pillowcase to avoid morning frizz.
  2. Sleep with your hair in a loose (keyword: loose) high pony for volume in the morning.
  3. Part your hair on the opposite side.