How to Choose the Right Blonde for Your Skin Tone

Do you have blonde ambition? If you do, open your mind and eyes for what’s coming, because with these pointers, you’ll make your vision come to life in no time.
Nearly a quarter of women over eighteen have blonde hair, and the rest have at least once in their lifetime considered going blonde. We all have. But then there’s the common question that goes with it, ’What if it doesn’t suit me?’
Before you decide to go blonde, or even if you are and you’re considering switching it up, you need to consider your skin. This is the most most important aspect to take into consideration, as your hair colour can either complement your skin, or completely ruin your entire look.
Avoid this mistake by reading through this concise guide. Make the right choice, and be the right blonde!

Light Skin Tone

Cool Undertones
If you have fair skin, with cool undertones you can pull off a golden, strawberry or baby blonde. These shades will add warmth to your face, instead of making you look pale. It also makes your face and locks look more exciting and playful.

Warm Undertones
You’re in luck because you can go very light, if that’s your desire. You can go for gorgeous shades of platinum, ice or champagne, as they will actually neutralize the redness and warmth of your complexion.
Stay away from reddish, white or dull,  ashy grey blonde shades.

Medium Skin Tone

Cool Undertones
If you’re on the cooler side of medium skin tone, sun-kissed blonde will match your face beautifully. Avoid shades that are going to make you look harsh, and opt for either lemon or butterscotch.

Warm Undertones
Add a contrast to your natural radiance, without looking too sharp, and go for for neutral, wheat and sandy blonde shades. In essence, the more colour your skin has, you can add more colour to your hair.
Avoid ashy or orange  tones so you don’t look washed out.

Dark Skin Tone

Cool Undertones
You want to create a balance and a pleasing contrast, and avoid the contrast catastrophe. In this case, you should go for cooler, caramel tones, with less gold. Natural brunettes with blue eyes look amazing with cooler browns and cool caramels.

Warm Undertones
Because you have warmer undertones, enhance the natural warmth by going for honey, sable or amber shades of blonde.
Avoid too much white, orange or platinum, because it simply looks too fake on your skin tone.

So there you go lovely blondes and blondes-to-be! If you’re still not sure which your undertones are, make sure to consult with us before going on Instagram for inspo.






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