Model with the perfect messy bun from Elle magazine

How to do the perfect messy bun!

Don’t you just hate it that the perfect messy bun always seems to come about when you quickly tie your hair before hopping into the shower. Needless to say, when you actually want it to turn out right, it looks contrived?

As we head into Autumn, we love a messy bun look. It’s the perfect hairstyle to go with an oversized knit or cosy clothing.

Model with the perfect messy bun from Elle magazine
Here is how to create the perfect messy bun courtesy of Elle Magazine.

1. Your hair will ideally be a little dirty. Don’t wash your hair the day you plan to do a messy bun on a night out. And if you accidentally forget this golden rule, dry shampoo is your best friend to help create some texture.

2. To create volume for your messy bun, back comb all of the hair around your scalp. Once this is done, gather the hair and tie in a ponytail. Down low if you prefer a low messy bun or up high for something more ballerina-esque. Higher buns will help elongate your neckline and look more youthful. While a lower bun can be more glam or elegant.

3. Once this is done, backcomb the hair in the pony tail and then add more texture spray or dry shampoo for a messy look.

4. Finally, twist your hair as you would a bun and secure with bobby pins. The key here is to use multiple pins and less hair secured in each to avoid them “popping out.” Lock them in place by crossing them under the bun.

Pull out some strands for a slightly more dishevelled messy bun look.


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