How to get undone wave hair

How to get undone wave hair

There’s nothing like the subtle undone wave. Think effortless, like our favourite blondes Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Candice Swanepoel.

They’ve mastered the ‘done but not so done’ wave for a feminine look that works with any outfit day or night.

Whether it’s how long to hold the curled hair around the iron, to the product we use for beach wave longevity, we got you girl. We also find the best way to demonstrate the perfect beach wave is through visual guidance, so be sure to check out our little viva la blonde video tutorial below.

What you’ll need…

Your can create this look with the Cloud Nine Wand which you can purchase here. This bad boy is the ultimate curling iron with a super smooth barrel which prevents heat damage to the hair resulting in a smooth, frizz free, curl.

How to get the undone loose wave:

Step 1: Start by sectioning the hair into three main parts – sides and back. Tie up the back and one side to ensure you don’t miss any parts of hair as you work through the sections.

Step 2: Starting on the side of your head, grab a smaller section of hair and spray with Kevin Murphy Doo Over or a similar product of choice.

Step 3: Hold the barrel vertical downward. Wrap the section of hair around the wand over the barrel away from the face. Make sure to slightly twist the hair as you wrap around the wand. If you wrap it flat you won’t get as much volume. Hold for 5 seconds before releasing the hair. Repeat this step until all sections are finished.

Step 4: Use Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo to add texture and volume to the roots of the hair. You may need to run your fingers through the hair if the curls are too tight to drop them slightly.

BONUS TIP: For the best loose wave result, blow dry your hair to add volume before curling. 

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