How to go from brunette to blonde...

How to go from brunette to blonde...

It seems as though while the days are getting darker (thanks winter) hair is getting blonder. Going from brunette to blonde isn’t the chore it once was thanks to new colouring techniques. Gone are the days of regrowth what feels like only weeks after a hair appointment. If you are brunette and have always wanted to see if blonde really do have more fun, now is the time.

Gigi Hadid recently stepped out with blonder locks after going a slight ‘bronde’ the past few months and we are obsessed. Gigi’s lightened locks might seem to come with the baggage of extra salon appointments, but thanks to her stylist’s technique and some pretty amazing blonde maintenance products, being a few shades lighter isn’t so difficult.

So how do you go from brunette to blonde without the hassle?

First of all we need to decide what shade of blonde will best suit you complexion. Is your skin suited to a warm or cooler tone? Our expert colourists at Viva La Blonde can help you out with this. It’s always best to bring a few inspo photos along to your appointment to get the best idea of what you’d like to achieve.

Depending on how dark of a brunette you are, and how blonde you’d like to go, you may need 1-2 sessions at Viva La Blonde to get there.

Why is going from brunette to blonde less maintenance in 2017?

New colour trends offer in between solutions for lightened hair. ‘Bronde’ is a shade between blonde and brunette and is low maintenance as it involves using a slight brunette shade as a base, lightened by blonde foils.

But if you want a complete change from brunette to blonde, here at Viva La Blonde our hair colour gurus specialise in the ‘root shadow’ or ‘root stretching’ technique. Don’t worry, this isn’t just an update on that intense ombre look you say Drew Barrymore sport circa 2010/2012.

We have ways of maintaining your natural colour to ensure when the colour grows out there are no noticeable regrowth lines. We do this by keeping colour underneath you partline, various highlighting techniques, or freehand balayage. We also strategically place the colour not quite to the root so it appears seamless and natural.

We can also use the "root shadow" technique. This is when the foils / highlights are applied to the roots and then a slightly darker toner is applied at the basin. The toner is distributed over the freshly highlighted blonde and only at the roots.

Root Shadowing is an amazing technique to stay very light, but have a little bit of softness at the root area. It will make sure you aren't "barbie blonde" which can result in harsh regrowth. All the ends and your hairline are still kept very blonde.

Worried about damaging your hair by going lighter?

That’s what L'Oréal Smartbond is for! We use this amazing product to treat hair and restore damage from colour or any environmental factors.

Finally to prolong your colour there are so many effective take home blonde treatments to keep you salon fresh right through until your next appointment. We love Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner which we recommend as a take home treatment to remove any yellow tones a few weeks after your hair colour appointment.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take you from brunette to blonde.

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