How to Prepare for Your Hair Appointment

Many people walk into the hair salon, expecting hairstylists to be mind-readers with magic wands that can create what they are thinking in their wildest dreams.
The truth is, no stylist can read your mind, and with the large variety of options, colours, cuts and everything else that’s a part of this job, it’s inevitable to give your stylist a few pointers.

Here’s how you can prepare for your next appointment to make sure you are on the same page, and you walk out of the salon with exactly what you always wanted.

Share a Pic
You’ve heard of the saying that sharing is caring, right? In this case, if you care about your hair, you will bring a picture that demonstrates exactly what you are looking for. Think of it as a guarantee that your stylist will know what you want. Describing through DMs or texts is never the same as showing the picture to your stylist.

Consult First
Before you walk into the salon, it’s best to let your stylist know what you want to achieve with your next hair appointment. He/she needs to make enough time to pull the look off for you, and if you come into the salon asking to go blonde in one day, when you’re actually a dark chocolate at the moment, you might have to walk out of the same door and come back another day. It’s not because stylists are divas. On the contrary, we can do it for you, but only if you let us know in advance.

Keep an Open Mind
Sometimes what clients envision isn’t always possible in one sitting. Other times, what looks good on your favourite celebrity doesn’t mean it’s a good option for you. Keep an open mind and let your stylist suggest any alterations if necessary, and figure out together what’s the best shape, colour and style for your beautiful little head.

Know What You Want
Don’t walk into the salon not really sure what you want. Do you want to colour your hair, go dark or light? Do you want to a fresh cut, or layers added? Make sure to come to terms with what you really want and tell it to your stylist.

Use Your Words
By this we mean, don’t try to be too trendy and pretend to know the hair terms and lingo if you really aren’t sure what it represents. Show pics and explain the best you can without trying to use the terms. Sometimes clients mix these up and they end up with walking out of the salon without what they actually wanted.

Don’t experiment with your hair, and be prepared to communicate openly with your stylist. It’s the only road to mutual happiness!









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