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How To Train Your Hair To Be Less Greasy

There is no worse feeling than having greasy hair, especially during these cooler months. We all know how it feels to wake up after having only just washed your hair, to a tired, lifeless, flat and greasy mane! Now that is no positive day-starter. With a new season comes a new hair-care routine. With this in mind we thought now would be the perfect time to share with you hair to keep greasy hair at bay.

A word of warning, it may be a hard adjustment to space out your washes. However, in the long-run you and your luscious locks will be thanking us. This includes the colour of your hair too, as over-washing can dull down your gorgeous and fresh colour. 

Day 1: Wash Day!

Did you know you can actually over-cleanse your scalp? To the point that you can strip away your hair’s natural oils, leading to your body over-producing oil to compensate? Yep! Too much cleansing can actually be bad for your hair. Some shampoos actually contain detergents that over-cleanse your scalp, which leads to dryness! It may feel and look its best at first, but over-time your hair will become oily and flat due to the overcompensation of oil being produced.

To avoid this from happening, shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate free will gently cleanse your hair without stripping it of all of its natural goodness!

Shop the Evo The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo now at viva la blonde. This is the perfect shampoo for hair hydration, scalp cleansing and repair. It is a gentle treatment that will leave your hair feeling restored and nourished.

Evo evolving hydrating shampoo for greasy hair bottle

Day 2: Fight the Need to Wash Your Hair Again!

As much as you may feel as though you NEED to, fight the urge to wash your hair on the second day. If your hair is looking and feeling oily and flat, use dry shampoo at the roots of your hair to give it life again. If you find your scalp or roots of your hair gets super oily really quickly, stylists have recommended using dry shampoo on your roots straight after a wash! This is to help combat the oil produced over the course of a day with the dry-shampoo kicking in and working its magic!

Shop the Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo for the ultimate lifesaver. This product is the perfect addition to your bathroom cabinet. A two-in-one styling spray that makes your hair feel, look and smell fresh and clean again.

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Day 3: Create the Perfect Don’t Care Do.

Day 3, we know, is difficult but you have got to hang in there. How you may ask? With the perfect don’t care, messy do! Master the perfect hairstyle that allows you to rock and own your slightly more oily and dirty hair.

A popular look is the low messy chignon bun, or a loose braid or ponytail. Whatever it is, find the one that works and stick with it, especially in dire times such as these! For the perfect day 3 look, shop the range of Mode of Solis hairclips at viva la blonde today.

Hot Tip: Try to avoid touching your hair with your hands over the course of the day. If you think about it, our hands touch everything and pick up almost anything under the sun when in terms with dirt, oil and bacteria. Alike your face, we want to avoid touching our hair so often!

Girl with textured blonde half up hairstyle for greasy hair

Day 4: You’re Almost there!

Day 4 is here, which means you are almost at the end of your no-wash week! Stay strong and hang in there ladies, as your hair will begin to thank you for it.

Day 5: It is finally time to wash your hair!  

We are sure you are jumping with excitement, for you can finally wash and style your hair again. After washing your hair, begin the cycle again with very minimal to limited use of styling products. Scalp build up can occur when the use of mousses, sprays and creams are applied so an effort to avoid these is important.

We hope you survived our easy step-by-step routine! If you continue to do this for the next couple of months, you will begin to see healthy, shiny and bouncing hair results.


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