Jennifer Aniston with warm blonde hair created by Michael Canalé

Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser has a few tips to share ahead of the Friends Reunion!

Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser has a few tips to share ahead of the Friends Reunion!

Who’s excited for the upcoming Friends reunion? Rachel, we mean, Jennifer Aniston’s hair dresser and colourist sure is! He has been working with Jennifer since the character of Rachel first stepped foot on set. She debuted the highlighted, layered look, affectionately known today as the 90’s “Rachel” and sported by the likes of many supermodels including Bella Hadid at one stage.

Jennifer Aniston's hair colour created with warm blonde tones and soft highlights

Over the years, Jennifer Aniston’s hair colour has remained fairly close to her original hue, making subtle tonal adjustments — warmer, lighter, slightly richer. Her current colour was created by celebrity colourist, Michael Canalé. He has coloured Jennifer Aniston’s hair for over 25 years!!

He recently shared his professional tips for maintaining colour between appointments. Check out what he said below.

“She had medium brown hair at the time, a little past shoulder length. I gave her a sun-kissed blonde look with feather-thin highlights, and Chris McMillan shortened it all around,” said Canale. This was in 1994!!

TIP 1:
His first tip is to make sure you treat your hair.

“It kind of boggles my mind that women will spend time and money to get really beautiful colour and then put inferior products on their hair.”

Healthy moisturised hair retains its colour for longer. As does hair that is protected from the sun and heat tools. Try a take home product such as Olaplex to restore any damage to your hair post treatment and ensure it stays healthy until your next salon appointment! 

TIP 2:
Don’t over bleach your hair!

He believes that it can be ageing and no one likes a harsh root line. So if you are committed to the Nordic blonde look, you need to maintain regular hair appointments. Alternatively, at viva la blonde we like to allow a little extra time for your roots to grow out by using a “root shadow” technique. Ask us about it in our North Fremantle or Perth Hair salon next time you are in!

TIP 3:
Match your colour to your skin colour!

“When I’m doing colour, I start with the undertone of the skin: if you have a cool undertone and are using warm colours on your hair, you might end up looking like you’ve got more of a ruddy complexion; if you have a warm undertone and are using cool colours, a woman can end up looking washed out,” says Canale.

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