Melbourne Cup 2017 Hairstyles you should try...

Melbourne Cup 2017 Hairstyles you should try...

With less than a month until the Melbourne Cup 2017 festivities we wanted to share our favourite hairstyles for the day. Whether you’re thinking of an up do or beach waves, fascinator or ribbon we have the top hairstyles for Melbourne Cup below.

1. The voluminous ponytail.

A beautiful thick pony tail is always a favourite Instagram worthy hairstyle. This hairstyle also allows for whatever hair attire you’d prefer on Melbourne Cup Day. Wear it with a headband fascinator or thick ribbon.

 Here’s how to get the voluminous pony tail look.

Step 1: The key to this look is the right preparation before actually tying the ponytail. Start by blow drying your hair and adding a texturizing spray. We recommend Kevin Murphy Doo Over available here.

Step 2: If you want a slight wave to your ponytail, use a curling wand to section your hair into soft waves first. You can check out our wave tutorial here for extra help with this.

Step 3: Section the top part of your hair into a half ponytail, secure up higher or lower depending on where you want your ponytail to sit.

Step 4: Gather the lower half of your hair and secure into a separate ponytail that sits just below that top ponytail. You should now have two ponytails. Make sure that the tail of your half pony-tail blends in with your second ponytail to create the illusion of added volume.

Side note: if you’re hair is on the thinner side add volume for the day with our beautiful tape hair extensions available at viva la blonde Perth CBD or viva la blonde North Fremantle. The girls at viva will be able to secure your extensions for the day!

2. The low braided ponytail

This beautiful hairstyle is courtesy of Emma Chen Hair Artistry (@emmachenartistry). A loose up do that works well with a headband fascinator or hat for Melbourne Cup.

Step 1: Prep the hair as you would for the voluminous ponytail (steps 1 and 2 above).

Step 2: Gather the top half of your hair and divide into three even sections for the start of your braid.

Step 3: Braid your hair until you have used all of the hanging hair and secure with a clear elastic. If you do not know how to braid, here’s how.

Holding your three sections cross the right section over the middle section and then follow with the left section over the middle section. You repeat this action but every time grab extra hair from the same side before crossing over the middle section. Sometimes it’s easier to visually see this so we recommend googling a youtube video.

Step 4: Grab a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, tease slightly for extra grip and spray with a texturizing spray before wrapping around the hair tie. Secure underneath with a bobby pin.

Step 5: Finish the hair style off by pulling out small sections of hair around the face and loosening the braid slightly. You may need to go over the sections of hair around the face with the curling iron again.

3. Undone Beach Waves

Looking to have your hair down for the day? Loose beach waves a feminine look that is a sure thing for Melbourne cup.

Check out our Undone Loose Wave here and remember that the healthier your hair, the longer the curl will last. Nourish your hair in the lead up to the day with our Loreal Pro Smartbond available in salon.

Don’t forget to wash your hair a couple days before so it has time to produce natural oils to help hold your hairstyle longer. Freshly washed hair is harder to work with.

If you’d like any of the above hairstyles for the day, book in with us and we can arrange this for you with our amazing hairstylist Mia!

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