Cherie Madeline Instagram post at Coachella with neon pink hair

Neon Hair is Trending!!

Neon hair is trending and it's all over Instagram. With a number of celebs giving this new style a red-hot (or lime green, or pink or orange) go, who better to lead the way for this new summer trend then show-stopper and momma of three, Kimmy K.

Kim laughed the neon trend in Miami recently whilst she attended rapper 2 Chainz wedding.  

Kim Kardashian in a car with neon green hair

From recent shots of Kimmy K debuting her neon green hair as she matched it to a neon green Lamborghini in Miami, to mega babe Bella Hadid killing a softer cotton candy Ombre look in London. This new hair trend is fun, expressive and perfect for all summer 2019.

With summer right around the corner what better way to begin the fun then with a total play on hair colour. Forget statement jewellery, and think pronounced, colourful and eccentric hair colour that can be matched with just about anything. Loosen up your look with a bright and playful craze for your 2018/19 summer style.

Model with blonde and light pink neon hair
How to get Neon Hair

Yes, unfortunately Kim's hair was a wig but there are semi permanent ways to get the coloured look using Fabuloso Colour Pro.

If you haven’t already heard of Evo Fabuloso's Colour Pro Conditioners, you and your hair colour are missing out! Evo Fabuloso Colour Pro allows you to maintain your new colour, with their take home colour conditioners. The colour conditioners can be applied as many times as you like without permanently staining or ruining your hair.

For statement hair like Kimmy K, or for a softer and subtler look like super model Bella Hadid, book an appointment with one of our viva la blonde colour specialists. 

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We offer colour consults with a blonde specialist from either salon if you are looking to make a change prior to committing to an appointment!


Model with neon orange long hair by Bixie Colour


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