Secrets to Shiny Blonde Hair Revealed



Listen up blondes! We don’t like keeping secrets from our clients at the salon which is why we decided to share secrets of our own and help you make your hair look shiny. In other words, so shiny, it’s worthy of a TV commercial.
And before we get started with our tips and tricks, let us stop you right here and say – YES, your bleached hair can be shiny, girl.
No, blondes are not allergic to shiny hair, although by the way the shine seems to run away from so many of us, it seems like it is. The basics behind the shine is that dark colours reflect the light, while lighter colours, hence blondes, simply absorb it, which is why your hair is not as glistening as a diamond. But those are the days of the past. It’s time to get cosy and take notes, because we’re letting you into our world of hair hacks you wish you had already tried .

Shine Serum
It’s that one thing that you don’t have in your bag right now, although if you’re anything like us, your entire universe is already in your bag. So why not add this one powerful topical product that’s going to give you the quickest shine ever?
Just make sure not to go overboard. A small pea-sized drop is enough to give you that natural shine, without separating your strands and making your hair looks greasy. There are plenty of shine serums that you can use on either wet or already dry hair, depends on your personal preference.

Quality of Water
Yes ladies, water does matter. As silly as it may sound, water can affect your shine. Depending on the quality of your water, pipes and shower head, you could actually be covering your hair with particles that make your hair look dull and brassy. Invest in a good showerhead or filter, or go to a salon that has a filtration system that’s going to clean your entire hair strand.

Deep Conditioning
Always ask your stylists which conditioner is best for your type of hair. Whatever it is, an AMAZING quality conditioner is key to shinier hair. Although you can’t expect salon results, it’s still going to nourish and help your hair shine.

Trim It
There are so many reasons to get regular trims, and shine is just one of them. Regular trims will remove split ends which can make your hair seem boring, tired and lifeless. That’s right, sometimes even the tiniest trim can make a big difference. Ask for a fairy trim where your stylist only trims split ends that have moved up the hair shaft, and not any length is removed.

Glossing Spray
Another great way to get immediate effect and shine on the go is a glossing spray. Put it in your purse, and whip it out in the middle of the day for that extra boost of shine during the day.

In Salon Treatments
If you don’t have time at home to use a leave-in conditioner, thus feeding your hair, smoothing your strand and making it appear healthy and shiny, go for an in salon treatment that’s going to revive your hair and give it the shine boost it needs. The healthier your hair is, and the smoother the strand is, more shine it will reflect.

Clarifying Shampoo
We don’t recommend going overboard with this shampoo, in order to keep your blonde stunningly gorgeous, but do use it at least once a week, to truly wash your hair and get rid of all the residue on your hair, that can create a film around your hair and prevent the shine from coming through.

Cold Air
Finish off your drying session with your blow drier on the coldest setting. The cold air will give your close the cuticle and make it sparkly. Another great way to get shine on top of shine is to rinse out your conditioner or mask with cold water and close off your cuticle.

Why commit to this? Because shiny hair is sexy hair, and there’s nothing as satisfying as a sexy hair flip.

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