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Creating subtle wavy hair in 2018 with viva la blonde

Last week we created subtle wavy hair for our photoshoot with Codi. We love getting the chance to shoot our viva babes and these photos of the beautiful Codi are epic.

Thanks to our hair styling session with Emma Chen Hair Stylist last month we learnt so many new hair styling tips and tricks.

The talented Emma from viva la blonde styled this look. Beautiful soft feminine waves, perfect for a special occasion or an undone wedding hairstyle.

Check out how she created the look below and all of the photos of Codi from the day!

To start, Emma prepped Codi's hair with Kevin Murphy Hair Resort and blow dried it. Emma made sure to keep the front sections of the hair smooth. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort is an oil free texturiser for a messy beach look. It can also be used to enhance curls and as a strong hold hair volumiser.

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Secondly, Emma sectioned the hair into pieces to curl. Make sure to curl away from the face using a bigger wand for a looser curl, but tonged to the root for volume. Spray each section with Kevin Murphy Doo Over for hold and texture. The Kevin Murphy Doo Over is a dry finishing hairspray that holds the curls in place without a stiff finish. This product is amazing as it still allows hair movement!

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Finally, Emma combed out the curls with her fingers to separate and straightened the ends for a neat finish. For an extra hair oomph Codi tipped her head upside down and Emma sprayed Evo Water Killer to give body and texture.

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All of our styling products can be shopped online with after pay, buy now pay later! Or in salon in Queen St and North Fremantle. Massive thanks to the styling team and to the talented Courtney for shooting it. Check out the photos below!