The 4D Hair Colour Trend

The 4D Hair Colour Trend

At viva la blonde we are constantly researching the latest hair techniques and the 4D hair colour trend has taken off in L.A.

First of all, 4D hair colour? What the? Sounds pretty futuristic. It’s not as strange as it sounds. This 4D hair colour trend is going to be the new balayage.

Basically, it involves using four elements of contrast to create dimension in the hair. Matt Rez, colourist at L.A Meche Salon explained in a recent interview that the hair colour cannot be perfect without the 4th dimension.

"I see really nice tones, highlights, lowlights, but it's always missing one of the four elements. And the hair colour can't be perfect unless it has all four,” said Matt.

So how do you achieve this revolutionary 4D hair colour? Here are the four dimensions.

  1. Level. This is how light or dark you want your hair to appear.
  2. The Colour Direction. How warm or cool do you want your hair to be? At viva la blonde our girls can help guide you to the perfect colour for your skin tone. 
  3. Horizontal Colour. This is the colour graduation from the shadowed roots to the lighter ends.
  4. Vertical Colour. A neutral base that aligns with both the highlights and lowlights.

Matt also explains that some people may have the perfect colour of blonde but are missing the low lights to pop the blonde. For the perfect colour you should have a combination of your natural hair (the neutral base) and a slightly warmer colour which is your midtone. Finally, the highlights which are your lightest colour.

Ask us about how we can create a beautiful 4D colour to suit your skin tone and personality. Book in at viva la blonde North Fremantle or viva la blonde Perth CBD (new Queen St location) today.

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Check out some of Matt Rez’s amazing work below.

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