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The 90’s hair style that is making a HUGE comeback

The 90’s hair style that is making a HUGE comeback

We first spotted the 90’s hairstyle making a comeback on Emily Ratajkowski, July 2019. Since then we’ve seen Bella Hadid (who is now officially a dirty blonde!) and most recently Kylie Jenner sporting the look. In August 2019, the trending 90’s hairstyle is officially a high ponytail with a parted front of loose hair to frame the face. The part can be in the centre like Emily Ratajkowski or a side part, similar to Bella and Kylie.

Emily Ratajkowski with 90's style high bun and centre part face framing hair
How to get Bella Hadid's 90's hairstyle

The key to this hairstyle, regardless of the part is to secure the hair tightly in a high pony first with two elastics for added hold. Apply hair wax or spray heavily to the hair that is being tied to create the sleek finish.

If you choose to keep the hair in a ponytail like Bella and Kylie, use a flat iron to bend the ponytail inward, for a 90’s finish. If you opt for the bun finish, like Emily Ratajkowski, keep it slightly messy to contrast the sleekness.

Use dry shampoo on the loose pieces of hair to create a textured look like Emily. Or take the hair iron to the front pieces if you would prefer a sleeker look like Bella and Kylie.

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Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid with matching 90's style high ponytail hairstyle