Viva La Blonde's top hair accessory trends

The Hair Accessories every IT girl is wearing in Summer 2019/20

Maybe you can thank the revival of Gossip Girl for influx of hair accessories. Anyone remember Blair Waldorf's headbands back in the day? Hair accessories have had a revival thanks to the clip trend that started last year with brands such as Valet Studio and Reliquia.

Of course, the 90’s revival had some say, with butterfly clips trending and the kind of hair accessories you clipped your fringe back with in pre-school. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner led the way in early 2019, however there are a few new hair accessories that have popped up on our radar for Summer 2019/20. Check them out below.

  1. Hair clips with pearls are trending

Hair clips are getting a whole lot chicer with crystal embellishments and pearl décor. They can be worn with your hair swept to one side and clipped back or as decoration with a simple updo.

Girl with pearl clips in hair for a side swept hairstyle
  1. Headbands are a thing….thanks Blair Waldorf

Yep, headbands are back and you can thank the revival of Gossip Girl for it. Whether you love them or hate them, headbands lend themselves to a more preppy outfit style. Think Cher on Clueless. Just keep the hair simple and sleek as the headband is the feature. Maybe one to consider for the upcoming racing season!

Black headband hair accessory trend
  1. Head scarfs are not just for a convertible in Italy

Silk head scarfs are back and they make any outfit look nouveau rich. This is definitely a trend for the midst of summer with a cool matching shorts and top combo or if you want to be super extra, a pool party. Our tip? Try to opt for a silk scarf for less hair breakage and to help avoid a bad hair day if you choose to take it off mid event.

Leopard print silk scarf worn as a hair accessory
  1. Ribbons are trending

Carrying on with the grown-up school girl trend, hair ribbons are also trending in Summer 2019. If you’ve made a designer purchase recently (luck you!) such as Chanel, don’t be so fast to throw away the packaging. Save the ribbon for a cute bouncy ponytail or low bun.

Girl with Channel white ribbon tied in hair

We hope you love at least one of the above hair accessories trends for Summer 2019 and 2020! We have a feeling they will stick around for a while!

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