The hair colour trends for summer 2019

The hair colour trends for summer 2019

The hair colour trends for summer 2019 to know.

It’s time to start prepping for Summer and what better way than to know the hair colour trends for summer 2019. Change is exciting, especially when it’s your hair! Get ready to start quoting the below hair looks to your hairdresser this season.

Nude Blonde Hair 

You might find yourself googling nude blonde to find the answer here but don’t. You might come across some NSFW imagery. Also, we have the answer right here courtesy of the L’Oreal hair colour experts!

“Think about it like this: Platinum blonde is a cool shade and golden blonde is a warmer one. But have you ever seen a hair colour that falls smack dab in the middle? That’s exactly what nude hair is,” says the L’Oreal Hair Colour Experts.

Still finding it hard to picture? Check out Rosie Huntington Whiteley below with “nude blonde hair.” Why do we love nude blonde hair? Because it suits any skin tone! The dying technique involved is supposed to mimic your natural hair so every nude blonde colour will be slightly different depending on your colour base.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Nude Hair | Evo Hair | viva la blonde hair specialists Perth

Rustic Mauve

We’re loving the rustic mauve look on Hailey Baldwin below especially for Summer 2019!! We’ve talked about sunset shades before on the blog using Fabulouso Colour Pro here. But what is Rustic Mauve exactly?

It’s a take on the pink hair trend that has been around for a while but it is more of a mix of pink and champagne colour tones. It isn’t as obvious as a straight pink on blonde hair due to the golden tones. It’s the perfect colour combo to try if you want to dip your toe in the coloured hair trend.

Hailey Baldwin Rustic Mauve Hair | Evo Hair | viva la blonde hair specialists Perth

Warm Balayage is making a comeback

We aren’t talking crazy roots, just layers of golden and warm tones that lighten toward the ends of the hair. This lightness compliments a summer tan without the high-end maintenance of an all-out blonde hair dye. 

Chrissy Teigan Warm Balayage Hair | Evo Hair | viva la blonde hair specialists Perth

If you’re wanting to test the blonde waters this summer this colouring technique is for you. To book in with viva la blonde in North Fremantle or Perth please call:

Perth Blonde Specialist Salon: 9324 3374

North Fremantle Blonde Specialist Salon: 9433 5010

We offer colour consults with a blonde specialist from either salon if you are looking to make a change prior to committing to an appointment!



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