Blonde hair contouring with natural lowlights by Viva La Blonde

The Hair Contouring Trend 2018

The Hair Contouring Trend is, well let's face it, the next.big.thing.

We can thank the Kardashians for introducing the world to face and body contouring. However, have you ever heard of hair contouring No? Well, sit tight because we have all the details here at viva la blonde.

This form of hair colouring is personalised to you and is custom to your own face shape, eye and skin colour. Basically, it's the perfect hairstyle for you.

Through an appropriate placement of light and shade, your face will be perfectly sculpted by your hair. Better still, this technique can be as low maintenance as you'd like with regrowth being soft and diffused!

How hair contouring works...

Have you always wished you had a slightly different face shape? Or do you tend to spend hours contouring your face with millions of make-up products? Hair contouring is the newest way to accentuate your natural features. Using careful placement of colours around your face, your hair stylist can accentuate your features and enhance your natural skin tone. The trick is a play on light and shadow!

This new trend helps to shape your face the way you’ve always wanted.  Using free hand application, we use various colour tones to highlight and shadow targeted areas. The darker tones are used to create shadows to help narrow the face. Highlights are used to elongate the face by reflecting light.

It is all about balancing and manipulating the light and shade around your face. A much easier way to pop the features you already have, so you can wake up feeling and looking your best. 

Hair Contouring is a personalised hair-colouring experience, making it the perfect hair colour technique for anyone! Let's learn to love our natural features with a little bump up of hair colours and shades! Thank you hair contouring!!

If you'd like to book a blonde hair specialist consultation with viva la blonde please call:

Perth CBD Blonde Hair Salon Ph: 9324 3374

North Fremantle Blonde Hair Salon Ph: 9433 5010

Model with contoured blonde hair and natural lowlights by Viva La Blonde
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