The hair product you need this summer

The hair product you need this summer

Let’s cut to the chase, if there’s any product you need this summer its Kevin Murphy Young Again. And here’s why.

When you go to the beach we’re guessing you take all the necessary precautions, sunscreen, sunnies, but what about your hair? “What about my hair?” (Yes we heard you through cyberspace).

Well we’re glad you asked. Did you know that the sun can damage your hair in more ways than you think? It can dull your colour erasing your Instagram worthy salon fresh hair. It can also dry out your hair leading to breakage and split ends.

You know the term “beach hair?” We love that salty clean feeling on our skin but do you know what salt water actually does to your hair? Through the process of osmosis (very technical we know) the salt water leaches the moisture content from your hair.

Salt water = brittle, dull hair.

Your hair can also be hard to comb and harsh in texture. Eww.

Enter Kevin Murphy Young Again to the rescue. If there’s any product you need this summer this is it.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Hair Oil is like rainbows and unicorns in a bottle. It’s a weightless leave-in treatment oil that your hair literally drinks up. It works to moisturise dry and damaged hair and restore elasticity to help prevent hair breakage.

Don’t be discouraged by the term “oil.” It won’t leave your hair looking greasy, trust us. What it will do is make your hair easy to comb straight after your shower and give your hair an added shine when it has dried.

One of the main magic ingredients is Immortelle. Produced from the flowers of the Helichrysum plant, it is rich in antioxidants to help stop damage to the hair.

You can buy Kevin Murphy Young Again from our Perth CBD salon or North Fremantle salon.

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