Hair model Ashleigh posing with fresh blonde hair coloured by Viva La Blonde stylist Chantelle

The Latest Viva La Blonde Photoshoot Hair Details!

How we coloured Ashleigh's hair for our last viva la blonde shoot!

Enjoy all the details from our latest viva la blonde photoshoot. Channeling some serious retro vibes on set, the shoot was located at a quirky Perth laundromat.

Our stunning viva babe Ashleigh had her hair coloured and styled by Chantelle at viva la blonde North Fremantle. 

Details for the Perfect Blonde Hair Colour 

Using a full head of highlights, Chantelle used L'Oreal colours to really brighten Ashleigh's overall look. The aim was to lighten up her hair, including those more natural undertones. This gave Ash's blonde a whole new level of OOMPH!

Olaplex was used during the dying process, to ensure her hair stayed healthy with minimal damage. 

At the basin, an ash coloured root shadow was applied to help maintain a more natural blonde look, avoiding a Malibu Barbie aesthetic. The rest of the hair was toned to a soft and creamy colour and her hair line was left bright. 

We could not be more happy to see how much Ashleigh loved her new blonde makeover. If you've become inspired by this colour, book with viva la blonde today! You will feel like a whole new, and fresh you! 

Blonde hair model Ashleigh posing for latest Viva La Blonde photoshoot in retro setting
Collage of blonde hair model from latest Viva La Blonde photoshoot
Hair model posing for latest Viva La Blonde photoshoot in retro laundromat
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