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The New Year’s Eve Hairstyles you have to try to ring in 2020

The New Year’s Eve Hairstyles you have to try to ring in 2020

The countdown is on and we are merely days away from a whole new decade. You’ve probably already planned your outfit so we are here with your hair inspiration for New Year’s Eve 2019. From hair clips to bobs, ribbons and 90’s do’s, 2019 has seen it all when it comes to hair trends. Check out some of our favourite hairstyles below to ring in the new year in style.

Karlie Kloss in a chic updo bun

This hairstyle has so many wow factors we don’t know where to start. First, the double face framing tendrils are the 90’s hair trend of 2019. They can soften any updo if you don’t want to commit to anything too harsh and sleek.

The trick with this do is to create some texture before tying your hair back. Start by blow drying our hair upside down with some dry shampoo to create volume. Then apply a heat resistant hair protectant before adding some loose, larger barrel curls all over. Brush them out to drop them slightly before tying your hair back.

Depending on your outfit, a chic hair ribbon could be the perfect finishing touch.

Karlie Kloss Double Hair Tendrils | viva la blonde

The half updo with a twist

Next up, we have a hairdo from your child hood. This simple hairdo is so easy to do but makes an impression! It’s basically a half updo but tied back twice. Love the look but want to stick to an updo? Keep tying your hair back in sections until it becomes a ponytail. Our tip is to use thinner clear elastics or ones as close to your natural hair colour as possible so as not to take away from the sleekness of the look. Or if you’re still feeling festive, try gold or silver elastics like in the pic below.

The half updo with a twist | viva la blonde

The voluminous wavy pony tail

How could we not include a voluminous ponytail to rain in the New Year? Whether it’s sleek and straight or wavy and over the top, you can’t go wrong with a high pony tail. The key to this hairstyle is to use two elastics to secure it. Also, if you want to add more volume, try creating two pony tails, one directly on top of the other, before using a third elastic to tie the two together. Fuse the two ponytails by teasing the hair slightly at the base of the ponytail.

The voluminous wavy pony tail | Haley Baldwin | viva la blonde