The Only Way to Take Care of Platinum Hair

Attention all platinum babes!
Whether you’re going to go platinum, or have been for quite some time, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your hair care skills. Special hair colour requires special attention, which is exactly why we have decided to share our expert tips with you.

We don’t blame you ladies if you’re not quite sure how to maintain your beautiful platinum mane. It’s a big change. There are all kinds of advice out there, which can be quite overwhelming. However, if you’re not going to go all the way with your hair care, then you might as well not go platinum.
To those that want to make the commitment, listen up. Blondes are our specialty, and there’s nobody better than us to tell you how to nurture and love your platinum hair. Stay tuned!

First Step
Don’t wash your hair 24-48 hours after dying your hair. Your hair will still looks fabulous, and it will help you keep the tone, and prevent unnecessary dryness.
Use a Proper Shampoo
This is crucial, especially if you’re keen on washing your hair every day. Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, so that you prevent any damage to the hair colour.

Purple Shampoo
Once a week, wash your hair with a purple shampoo, so that you keep the original tone, and avoid any yellowness.

Protein Masks
Use a protein mask, recommended by your stylist, every two weeks. This will help feed and nourish your hair, to simply strengthen your hair cuticle.

Condition It Daily
If you don’t wash your hair every day, you still need to moisturize it every single day. No excuses or slacking on this one, unless you like the look of brittle and dry hair. Use some type of hair treatment  oil on the daily basis.

Trim the Ends
IF you’re bleaching and touching up your hair every month or month and half, you’re going to see some damage on the hair ends. To avoid having split, thing ends, get regular trims when necessary.

Gloss It Up
Unless you’ve got naturally healthy and shiny hair that’s extremely durable, you’re going to need a glossing treatment every now and then to get the shine back. either done at - true saviours of the platinum blonde glow.

Avoid Heat
If it’s not really necessary, try to go natural from time to time, and don’t use hot tools very often. It’s really important to keep the hair cuticle healthy and nourished, without drying it out.

Don’t be frightened by the long list, because once you get used to it, you’ll be doing it without even thinking.Happy bleaching!!





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